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Fadal is proud to serve as a CNC machine builder. We serve everyone, from small machine shops to large manufacturers obsessed with quality.

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For Machinists By Machinists

Fadal has been synonymous with quality for decades.

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Quality CNC Machining Centers and Controllers

Fadal offers a full-range CNC machining portfolio of redesigned, advanced 40 and 50 taper VMCs, and 5-axis VMCs. The Classic VMC series are technologically enhanced versions of the legacy box way machines Fadal has produced for over 40 years.

Gear And Wrench

2 Year Warranty

We stand behind what we build, and back that promise with the only 2-year/4,000 user-hour parts warranty and 1-year/2,000 user-hours labor warranty in the business that comes standard on every Fadal CNC machine and controller.

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Dedicated to Your Success

We are always here to provide you with the support and service you need—to help you learn, troubleshoot, and maintain the machine that is an integral part of your business.


Troy Alwin


Troy Alwin’s journey in the industry began in 1989 when he joined Fadal Machining Centers at their Illinois distributor, Advanced Machinery Sales (AMS). Rapidly rising through the ranks, Troy became the premier service technician for Fadal. His expertise allowed him to seamlessly transition as distributors evolved, eventually leading him to work directly for Fadal. After being sold by its founders to Giddings & Lewis in 1995, the Fadal name has changed hands numerous times through a series of mergers and acquisitions. In 2009, when machine production ceased, Troy, and his wife Christy, took the initiative to establish Alwin Machinery Inc, ensuring continuous support for the multitude of machines in the Illinois and Wisconsin market. This family owned company has a rich history rooted in expertise, dedication, and a commitment to delivering top-notch service.

Troy’s commitment to the Fadal legacy remained unwavering, and in 2014, when Merrill Technology Group acquired the rights to the Fadal name and began manufacturing new Fadal machines again, Troy became the exclusive distributor for Illinois and Wisconsin, giving birth to Alwin Machinery Sales. Over the years, Alwin Machinery Sales has grown alongside the Fadal Machine tool line. In 2024, Troy and Alwin Machinery Sales acquired Fadal, marking a significant milestone in their journey. The Alwin Family, much like the original founders of Fadal, the DeCaussin family, uphold a tradition of high integrity and steadfast commitment to their products. The company prides itself on standing firmly behind its machinery, ensuring the satisfaction and success of its clients.

Evident in All We Do

Core Values

Continuous Improvement

Our customers are always aiming to do more, and so are we. We raise the bar, and work to do what we do better, each and every day.


We stay on the cutting edge of CNC machine building to bring you the latest engineering advancements.


You rely on our CNC machining centers to make your business run. We take that trust very seriously and strive to earn it again and again.

Customer Commitment

Fadal was built by machinists for machinists. That dedication is evident in our affordable pricing, commitment to services, and the ease of use of our milling, boring, and CNC machines.


Count on us to do the right thing and take care of our customers the way we would expect to be treated. We’re proud to serve as a CNC machine builder that’s 100% American and family owned.


We love what we do, and it shows. Bringing that passion to our customers is why our people get up in the morning.


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