Castel terus 180

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CASTEL Terus 180 is a cross moving column machining centre, with table moving in longitudinal direction, which offers following functional advantages: 

  • Highest flexibility thanks to the wide range of accessories available;
  • Operator easier access to the machining area;
  • Better chip removal.

Structure dimensioning, positioning and shape of the ribs have been determined by using FEM calculations. CASTEL Terus 180 is characterized by its column group having an integrated and monolithic structure including the  column and the columnsaddle. The peculiar symmetric structure guarantees high rigidity, vibration damping and ensures a very good thermal stability.


Feed rate mm/min (ipm)

25.000 (984,2)

Longitudinal mm (in)

2.000 - 3.000 (78,7 - 118,1)

Cross travel mm (in)

1.800 (70,9)

Vertical travel mm (in)

1.300 - 1.800 (51,2 - 70,9)


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